How long is long enough?

Well, hasn’t it been an eventful old year (or, 10 months).

Maybe now’s not such a bad time to kick-start this blog. It’s an election year (a real election year) and some of us might have a bit more time on their hands to read and write it.

And whichever domain host that looks after the site has gone and charged us for another year. So maybe we should make the most of it.

Maybe? Lets us know.

Silence speaks volumes…

Dear Squallers,

Due to largely, somewhat, kind of unforseen circumstances (now there’s a euphemism) we feel unable to carry on with Southern Squall.

Thank you to everyone for the comments, of all persuasion, and the support. This may not be the last post – but until the mist lifts, we will remain silent.


Short-sighted cuts to elderly care will cost community and hurt the vulnerable, Soper says

Plans to cut home care for the elderly are just the start of a process that’ll see even further reductions and ultimately more cost foisted on some of our community’s most vulnerable, city leaders, including a Labour Party leader likely to be seeking an electorate nomination, say. Continue reading

Support urged as southern blog woos north

We’ve been slow – too slow, frankly – to post something about this. But, with one-thing-and-another behind us, here’s a shameless plug for a southern entry in a national competition.

Chavah Kinloch is a finalist in Fairfax NZ’s Blog Idol competition. She needs as many page views as you can muster to help her win. We’re clicking furiously – we reckon the world needs a decent southern blog (present company and all our link buddies excluded, of course) – and we hope you can too.

To support Chavah:

Home help retained as appeals launched – and the letter your grandmother won’t want to see

Elderly people who appeal controversial plans to stop their home help will keep getting assistance while their appeal is sorted out, official documents leaked to Southern Squall reveal. Continue reading

Council disrespected and bulldozed over 3 bin system: Kruger feels “duped”

WasteNet has ridden roughshod over the Invercargill City Council in its head-long , potentially ill-considered and likely very expensive push for a compulsory three-bin kerbside recycling scheme, an outspoken and “duped” councillor says. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Tim Shadbolt lays it bare, Squall bias claimed by physically fit and emotionally charged mayor

In the first of a couple of posts, Invercargill Mayor Tim Shadbolt has put some of his valuable time aside for a politically complex and philosophically demanding interview with the Squall.

Strap on your hard-hats and buckle in for part one of a two-part catch-up, volley and return session with one of New Zealand’s most experienced political players. Continue reading

Oysters, booze and takeaways – King’s credit card spending revealed

A $120 bill for oysters, $4000 on takeaways and $167 on alcohol are among the expenses revealed in Invercargill City Council boss Richard King’s credit card bills, the Herald on Sunday reports today. Continue reading

Stewart Island Weka on the menu?

A Canterbury farmer could be eyeing up Stewart Island weka as part of an ambitious plan to farm the endangered species. Continue reading

Southland Football deserves $150k, code squeezed out from Rugby Park

A multi-million dollar football ground and pavilion that will boost Southland soccer is in part necessary because soccer can’t always be played at Invercargill’s premier stadium, a footballing city councillor suggests. Continue reading